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Over the last four years I have achieved multiple goals and accomplishments in the area of teaching.  During my time as an Assistant Professor at the Yale University School of Medicine I taught several seminar courses for psychology interns, social work interns, psychiatry residents and postdoctoral fellows.  These included a Family Therapy Seminar that I co-taught with another faculty member, and a Trauma-Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Training and Supervision Seminar.  I taught both of these courses for 4 years prior to accepting my position at USF.  I designed the Family Therapy Seminar and was proud to implement both didactic and experiential exercises that introduced family therapy practice skills to advanced clinical students.  Similarly, I trained 4 cohorts of students (60 students total) in TF-CBT.  I designed experiential training exercises to assist students in practicing clinical skills and provided a case supervision seminar.  In addition to teaching these seminars, I mentored 6 post-doctoral fellows and 12 undergraduate research interns. 


Since I joined the USF faculty in August 2013, I have taught several courses and mentored 4 undergraduates and 2 graduate students.  I have redesigned a section of the Behavioral Health Field Placement course specifically for students in child focused field placements (see course syllabi).  I began a new special topics course called Child Development and Trauma that surveys the impact of exposure to trauma at different developmental levels and evidence based treatments for each age group.  Undergraduate students learn from case materials and leave the course with an initial understanding of how trauma can impact a broad array of developmental functioning and continue into adulthood (see course syllabi attached).  Finally, I have taught the Practical Skills in Children’s Behavioral Health course. 


I have also mentored 2 psychology undergraduate honors theses, 1 Bridge program student project, 1 master’s thesis in criminology, and am currently serving on 1 doctoral dissertation committee.  My Bridge Program student presented her research at the International Family Violence Conference in July 2014.  One of my honors thesis students presented her thesis work as a poster in March 2015 at the 28th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health.


Outside of my classroom teaching and mentorship of students, I have also provided several national webinars to train providers in the field on the topics of working with substance abusing parents and assessment of trauma.  Both of these webinars were viewed live by over a hundred individuals and have been downloaded from the sponsors’ websites hundreds more times since they were first conducted.  These webinars have included:


2014     National Child Traumatic Stress Network National Webinar Series, “Addressing Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence in Families Affected by Substance Use.”


2011                 National Child Traumatic Stress Network National Webinar Series, “What About the Parents?”


2011                 National Child Traumatic Stress Network National Webinar Series, “Assessing Families Impacted by Trauma.”


2011                 National Abandoned Infants Resource Center Teleconference Series, National Webinar, “Assessing and Intervening in the Home with Victims of Intimate Partner Violence.”


2011                 National Alliance of Drug Exposed Children Professional Webinar Series, “Collaborating Systems at the Intersection of Substance Abuse and Family Violence.”




USF Courses Taught:

  1. Behavioral Health Field Experience MHS4425

  2. Child Development and Trauma MHS4931

  3. Practical Skills in Children’s Behavioral Health MHS4902

  4. Directed Research in Behavioral Health MHS6915

  5. Honors Thesis PSY4970

  6. Behavioral Health Research MHS 4912


Courses Taught at the Yale University School of Medicine:

  1.  Family Therapy

  2. Trauma Focused CBT Training and Supervision Seminar

  3. Assessing Axis I and II Disorders in the Context of Family Violence

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